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            1. 沃利帕森工關注

              • 建筑
              • 建筑工程服務
              • 工程咨詢
              • 工程管理
              • 年底雙薪
              • 績效獎金
              • 帶薪年假
              • 定期體檢
              • 彈性工作
              • 年度旅游
              • 免費班車
              • 外派津貼
              • 五險一金
              • 領導好
              • 節日禮物
              • 技能培訓



              沃利帕森是在資源與能源領域以及復雜工業領域處于世界領先地位的專業工程公司。目前我們在全世界的43個國家擁有39800名員工和165個分支機構。位列2013年Engineering News Record (ENR) 全球前 200 家國際設計咨詢公司排行榜第1名。




              Introduction to WorleyParsons Group
              WorleyParsons is a leading provider of professional services to the resources & energy sectors and complex process industries. Currently, we have 39,800 employees in 165 offices and 43 countries around the world. No.1ENR’s Top 200 International Design Firms in 2013.

              Introduction to WorleyParsons China
              WorleyParsons China is the largest international engineering and construction service provider in China, employing in excess of 2,800 personnel. Our China Headquarters is located in Beijing, with eight other operating offices in Beijing, Shanghai, Tianjin, Nanjing, Chengdu, Shenyang, Lian Yungang, and Hongkong.

              Our services include front end engineering design, detailed engineering, asset improvement, procurement and construction management, EPCM and PMC services for all customer sector groups as mentioned above. We are also the largest HVE (High Value Engineering) Centre in WorleyParsons Group, delivering low-cost but high quality professional services to our overseas and Chinese customers that meet international standards.

              What’s so special about WorleyParsons?

              "We are fortunate that because of our extensive geographic footprint and a strong track record of delivery through every phase of major projects we have been able to build global long term relationships with leaders of the resource sector.

              Many staff join because they get to work on the most challenging projects for the biggest companies in the world who are very focused on innovation and value.

              The level of collaboration we achieve with our customers is pretty special.

              公司總部地址:北京市朝陽區酒仙橋東路9號A1寫字樓6層 100016
              傳真:010-5924 5001


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